On 23 March 2023 Sydbank’s AGM considered and approved the following items:

  • The Directors’ Report, the Annual Report for 2022 and the recommendation for the allocation of profit. Sydbank will distribute dividend of DKK 16.77 per share and donate DKK 12m to the sponsorship fund Sydbank Fonden.
  • The Remuneration Report 2022.
  • 5 new members were elected and 27 members were re-elected to the Shareholders’ Committee, which now counts 67 members.
  • Auditor: PwC Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab.
  • Capital reduction of DKK 18,870,000 by cancelling 1,887,000 shares of DKK 10 each.
  • The proposal of the Board of Directors to renew the authorisation to allow the Board of Directors to acquire own shares at a total value of up to 10% of the Bank’s share capital.

At the Shareholders’ Committee meeting which took place after the Bank’s AGM, the existing shareholder-elected board members were re-elected. Furthermore Ellen Trane Nørby joins the Bank’s Board of Directors as a new member.

Consequently the Bank’s Board of Directors consists of 9 members elected by the Shareholders’ Committee: Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen, Jacob Chr. Nielsen, Gitte Poulsen, Henrik Hoffmann, Janne Moltke-Leth, Jon Stefansson, Susanne Schou, Søren Holm and Ellen Trane Nørby as well as 4 members elected by the employees: Jarl Oxlund, Jørn Krogh Sørensen, Carsten Andersen and Pia Wrang.

Subsequently the Board of Directors elected Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen as its chairman and Jacob Chr. Nielsen as its vice-chairman.

Directors’ Report