In­for­ma­tion about Sydbank’s credit rating, long-term funding programme and out­stand­ing debt and capital issues.

Moody's Credit Opinion

Coun­ter­party Risk RatingA1/P-1
Bank DepositsA1/P-1
Baseline Credit As­sess­mentbaa1
Adjusted Baseline Credit As­sess­mentbaa1
Coun­ter­party Risk As­sess­mentA1(cr)/P-1(cr)
Senior Unsecured MTN(P)A1
Junior Senior UnsecuredA3
Junior Senior Unsecured MTN(P)A3
Pref. Stock Non-cu­mu­la­tiveBa1 (hyb)
Other Short Term(P)P-1

Updated 29 April 2022

Debt & Capital issues