Sydbank’s CSR report gives an insight into the Bank’s sustainability efforts.

Sydbank’s CSR report meets the current requirements regarding CSR reporting pursuant to section 135 b of the Danish executive order on financial reporting of credit institutions and brokerage firms etc. This applies in particular with regards to the five mandatory reporting areas: social issues, climate issues, environmental issues, human rights and anti-corruption measures.

Furthermore, the report includes reporting pursuant to Article 8 of the Taxonomy Regulation, the reporting on the integration of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking and finally, the report meets the requirements of the UN Global Compact concerning the submission of a Communication on Progress.

The Danish version of the CSR report gets reviewed (ISAE 3000, limited assurance) by an external auditor to obtain limited assurance for data covered by the auditors’ report. 

From the financial year 2022, we have integrated the CSR Report into the Annual Report. Sydbank does not publish a CSR Report anymore, since our CSR reporting now can be found in the Annual Report.

Previous CSR reports