Sydbank is a nationwide, full-service corporate and advisory bank building on relationships between people. We find solutions where they are – quickly and efficiently. This is the basis of the day-to-day work at Sydbank, which has grown through mergers and acquisitions into one of Denmark’s largest banks.

Sydbank has a solid financial foundation that offers room for more business with new customers as well as existing customers. Our growth will be built on a firm and sound footing. Sydbank wishes to remain a bank operating on its own terms and we aim to be the preferred business partner. We focus on our own products but use business partners for a wide variety of financial services, for instance mortgage credit, pensions, and insurance.

As an advisory and service undertaking Sydbank’s primary objective is to meet the financial requirements of its customers. Sydbank achieves this objective by striving to be among the absolute top performers in Denmark in terms of operating a bank and providing advisory services to customers based on their unique situation.

Sydbank’s fundamental values

Excellence and relationships create value

Customer relationships are guided by the Bank’s service philosophy ‘What can we do for you?’ and the Bank acts in accordance with the value statement: ‘Excellence and relationships create value’.

We believe that the combination of excellent employees and good relationships creates value for customers – and therefore also for the Bank.


  • We take responsibility for being excellent
  • We make a virtue of knowing customers’ stories and needs
  • Our initiatives create happy and satisfied customers
  • We are proud of our profession and our contribution


  • We are committed and tell it as it is
  • To us a relationship means giving and advising
  • We believe in a long and honest relationship with our customers
  • Teamwork is a recipe for success


  • We interact with care and respect
  • We believe that human decency makes for better business
  • We are resourceful and capable of making decisions
  • Our efforts are focused on creating better results for customers and for the Bank

Sydbank’s core story


Sydbank’s mission is to be a bank that is close to its customers. We find solutions where they are – quickly and efficiently. We build on relationships between people. And we focus on what is important – banking and sound business.

Banking – pure and simple.

Our bank

Rooted in Southern Jutland, Sydbank is a strong and independent nationwide bank operating on its own terms. For the backbone

of the Danish corporate sector and for retail clients who value professional advice we are a bank for most people but not the same bank for everyone. Good old-fashioned attentiveness, new technology – we use what works. We know our customers and

we are close to them providing advice tailored to their individual needs. Backed by the best business partners our competitive strength is increased.

Our bank – excellence and relationships create value.


Our bank makes 3 promises – to our customers, to our employees and to our shareholders. You will know us for the value we create for our customers. You will know us for our belief that excellent and committed employees are our most important asset. And you will know us for always having a level of profitability that will enable us to remain an independent and resourceful bank.

Sydbank – what can we do for you?


  • One of Denmark's largest banks
  • Publicly listed, full-service bank
  • 60 branches including 3 in Germany
  • 2,100 employees
  • 6-12% market share - depending on customer segment

Participation & Memberships

  • STEP2 XCT and SCT
  • Joined the Credeuro/ICP Convention
  • CLS
  • The national clearing system DKK/EUR
  • The OMX group (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki), Oslo Stock Exchange
  • ISDA
  • ISMA

Products & Services

  • Cash Letter Service
  • Entry point for payments on Denmark via STEP2 or any other channel
  • Low Value/Mass Payments send and receive MT102 FIN
  • send and receive MT103/REC/EURO
  • Send and receive Priority Payments
  • International Cash Management send and receive MT101 + MT940
  • Trade Finance
  • Custody Services

Terms & Conditions

Provides translations of Danish legislation, eg the Consolidated Act on measures to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism.