Sydbank will provide a healthy and attractive work environment for its employees that allows for professional skills development and further training. Sydbank believes that excellent and committed employees are the Bank’s most important asset.

Target: Top-in-class employee engagement among financial institutions.

For Sydbank excellent and committed employees are the Bank’s most important asset because we believe that excellent and committed employees create value for our customers as well as the Bank. As a result Sydbank aims to be one of the best employers in the finance sector in Denmark in terms of committed employees – our employee engagement must be top-in-class. Top-in-class employee engagement means that employees’ job satisfaction and loyalty are in the top 25% compared to other financial undertakings in Denmark.

Employee engagement is measured by means of a comprehensive engagement survey every other year. All employees are invited to take part and the survey gives the Bank a better understanding of the parameters affecting employee engagement. The latest survey was carried out in 2022 and, with a very high response rate, it shows that Sydbank’s employees are already top-in-class in terms of employee engagement.

The engagement survey helps us to continue to evolve as a workplace. We already have a deeper understanding of some of the most important parameters for high employee engagement where elements such as job content, learning and development opportunities as well as the Bank’s reputation are given high priority.

The Bank’s annual development review meetings focus on discussing an employee’s job content and development opportunities and the meetings aim to ensure that employees carry out their work in a competent and committed manner. Education and training have high priority at Sydbank – as a result of stricter statutory educational requirements, customers’ expectations and employees’ wish for professional development. Sydbank ’s internal learning management system offers a range of training courses. Furthermore the Bank offers academic courses within various specialist fields and we rarely say no to an employee seeking further training and education. A good reputation is important for Sydbank and therefore it is a priority for the Bank to have a culture concerning decency, which is described in Sydbank’s policy for healthy corporate culture.

The employee engagement survey has been developed in a collaboration with the company Ennova. The collaboration with Ennova enables us to compare ourselves to around 40,000 employees of employers in the financial sector as Ennova asks the same questions to all its business partners in the finance sector. This basis of comparison makes it possible for Sydbank to determine whether we are top-in-class in the financial sector.