Assessments by the Danish FSA

The Danish FSA is the public authority which monitors that Danish banks comply with the rules in force. As from 1 April 2010 banks are required to publish the Danish FSA's assessments – including reprimands, orders and risk information.

Any reprimands, orders or risk information received by Sydbank will be available on this site.

Sydbank – a SIFI

Each year since 2014 the Danish FSA has designated Sydbank as a systemically important institution in Denmark pursuant to section 308 of the Danish Financial Business Act, most recently on 20 June 2022. An institution is designated as a SIFI if its calculated systemic importance exceeds 100 basis points for two consecutive years. Systemic importance is determined on the basis of 12 indicators and based on this calculation institutions are placed in one of five categories of systemic importance.