Sydbank group

Legal status and Group description

Sydbank A/S is a public limited liability bank. The Sydbank share is not subject to transfer limitations. However individual shareholders are not entitled to cast more than a total of 5,000 votes (equal to 5,000 shares) at the Bank´s general meetings.

In addition to Sydbank A/S, which conducts banking business, the Sydbank Group includes the wholly-owned undertaking: Sydbank (Schweiz) AG. Moreover Sydbank has significant ownership interests in Bankdata (50%), the Bank's IT supplier.

Sydbank's registered office and principal place of business is Peberlyk 4, DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark.


Sydbank is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and has 143,000 shareholders. Two investors, Nykredit and Silchester International Investors LLP, owns more than 5% of the Bank's share capital.

Foreign investors, Danish institutional investors and the Bank's customers each own approximately one third of the Bank's share capital.

Geographical location

Sydbank's customer-oriented activities in Denmark are conducted in our 18 Danish regions. A typical region consists of a regional head office and 4-8 branches and has a total staff of 100. All regions provide full service.

We have more than 100 branches in Denmark, five in the northern part of Germany.

Sydbank's head office is situated in Aabenraa approximately 25 kilometres to the north of the Danish-German border. This location allows the Bank to maintain a visible link with the core area in the southern part of Jutland and also reflects its historical roots in the area.

Market share

Sydbank's present market share is 5-8%. The Bank employs a staff of 2,300 and has 390,000 customers, including 30,000 corporate clients.


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