Sydbank is one of Denmark’s largest banks and given its SIFI label it has a responsibility to make a contribution to financial stability in Danish society. As a result the Bank has measures in place to ensure eg anti-corruption, prevention of money laundering, data protection, information security and data ethics – all measures that set the framework for a decent bank.

Target: More than 95% of the Bank’s employees have regularly completed courses supporting a decent bank.

To Sydbank being a decent bank means that we are helping to ensure a secure and robust financial infrastructure in Denmark.

Sydbank strives to be perceived as a respected, competent and decent bank that complies with legislation in force and takes into consideration principles concerning responsible business activities. Consequently our efforts focus on a multitude of measures to ensure eg anti-corruption, prevention of money laundering, data protection, information security and data ethics.

The Bank’s employees must have knowledge and understanding of the rules and measures that provide the framework for a decent bank. Basic knowledge and understanding is achieved through mandatory training courses targeting the Bank’s departments and groups of employees.

Sydbank’s mandatory training courses which support a decent bank include:

  • Selected topics within compliance, including duty of confidentiality, good practice, healthy corporate culture, prevention of conflicts of interest and anti-corruption
  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Processing of personal data
  • Strengthening of the Bank’s cyber resilience and sound data ethics by means of information security
  • Insight into and knowledge of ESG and sustainability efforts

The training courses are held via the Bank’s learning management systems. Data regarding completion rates is stored in the systems and is extracted twice a year. The completion rates state the percentage of employees who have finished the courses as scheduled. There are follow-up procedures for employees who have not completed the courses on time.

In addition to mandatory training courses supporting a decent bank, more specialised courses are also held.

Read more about Sydbank’s efforts to be a decent bank in “A Decent Bank” in the Annual Report.