• One of Denmark's largest banks
  • Publicly listed, full-service bank
  • 60 branches including 3 in Germany
  • 2,100 employees
  • 6-12% market share - depending on customer segment

Participation & Memberships

  • STEP2 XCT and SCT
  • Joined the Credeuro/ICP Convention
  • CLS
  • The national clearing system DKK/EUR
  • The OMX group (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki), Oslo Stock Exchange
  • ISDA
  • ISMA

Products & Services

  • Cash Letter Service
  • Entry point for payments on Denmark via STEP2 or any other channel
  • Low Value/Mass Paymentssend and receive MT102 FIN
  • send and receive MT103/REC/EURO
  • Send and receive Priority Payments
  • International Cash Managementsend and receive MT101 + MT940
  • Trade Finance
  • Custody Services

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Banks
Settlement Banks - Commercial Payments
Settlement Banks - FX & Money Market
Contact List - Inquiries

The Danish FSA

Provides translations of Danish legislation, eg the Consolidated Act on measures to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism.

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