The Equities Department is organised in three sections:


Market making and trading in Scandinavian equities, futures and options.


Extensive advisory services to Danish institutional investors and to Sydbank's international counterparties.

Sales trading

Trading in international equities and derivatives covering Europe, US and the Far East.

Phone numbers

General +45 74 37 44 93
Sales +45 74 37 44 94

Fixed Income

Sydbank is a member of NASDAQ OMX, MTSDK, EUREX and the Danish clearing house VP Securities.

Fixed Income – with a staff of approx 20 - is a significant player in the Danish market.

The Bank is market making all major government and mortgage bond issues.

Price indications on

Reuters SYDBANK 1/2
Telerate 20895
Bloomberg SYDB

General phones

+45 74 37 46 50
+45 74 37 46 62
+45 74 37 46 60

Nikolaj Thorsøe

Executive Vice President



Sydbank is a member of NASDAQ OMX and the Danish FUTOP Clearing Centre.

With a staff of approx 20, FX & MM is a significant player in the Danish market.


The Bank is a market maker quoting spot prices in EUR/DKK and USD/DKK.


Sydbank has gathered all types of options and structured deals in one department and is one of the major market makers in FX and interest rate options in DKK. Moreover, on a regular basis we quote Scandinavian currency prices.

Reuter Dealing


Phone numbers

Spot +45 74 37 37 37

Derivatives +45 74 37 37 36


Financial Institutions

Benny B. Kristensen

Executive Vice President