Sydbank signs UN Principles for Responsible Banking

The UN Principles for Responsible Banking lean on the Paris Agreement’s climate goals and the UN’s 17 SDGs and thereby act as a global guiding principle aimed at ensuring that the banking industry helps to bring about sustainable developments and makes a positive contribution to society.

- As a signatory we will have access to a comprehensive toolbox to assist us in taking our work with sustainability in the desired direction – which is right to the core of our business. That is where we have the greatest responsibility, and where we can make the biggest difference, says Karen Frøsig, Sydbank’s CEO.

In 2020, Sydbank accelerated its CSR efforts and ambitions, and becoming a signatory to the principles is therefore a natural next step that enables Sydbank to make the difference that we can, must, and will make.

With the signature in place the efforts to integrate the principles can begin in earnest. In 2021 Sydbank will embark on the massive efforts required to integrate the principles.

-  Our work will begin in our core business and therefore, we will focus on setting sustainable goals for our impact on investments as well as finance. In addition, Sydbank’s development and existence rely on dialogue and interaction with our stakeholders. So we will address the most significant problems raised by our customers, investors, shareholders, suppliers, business partners and employees, Karen Frøsig says.  

Sydbank and UN Principles for Responsible Banking

By signing the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, Sydbank undertakes to:

  1. Analyse Sydbank’s current impact on society
  2. Set targets for improving Sydbank’s impact
  3. Report on Sydbank’s progress in relation to a sustainable transition.