On 18 June 2020 Sydbank’s AGM adopted the following items:

  • The Directors’ Report, the Annual Report and the recommendation for the allocation of profit. Sydbank to donate DKK 7m to Sydbank Fonden.
  • Remuneration policy.
  • The proposal of the Board of Directors to reduce the Bank’s share capital by DKK 20,776,800 to DKK 596,763,200.
  • The proposals of the Board of Directors to amend the Articles of Association:
    • After the capital reduction the Bank's share capital is DKK 596,763,200, cf Article 2(1) of the Articles of Association
    • As regards remuneration of the members of the Group Executive Management, reference is made to the Bank’s Remuneration Policy, cf Article 18(5) of the Articles of Association.
    • Updating of the keeper of the register of shareholders, VP Securities, CVR No 21599336, cf Article 2(5) of the Articles of Association.
  • The proposal of the Board of Directors to renew the authorisation to allow the Board of Directors to acquire own shares at a total value of up to 10% of the Bank’s share capital. 

9 new members were elected and 27 members were re-elected to the Shareholders’ Committee, which now counts 67 members.

Ernst & Young, Godkendt Revisionspartnerselskab was re-appointed as auditor.

Directors' Report

At the Shareholders’ Committee meeting which took place after the Bank’s AGM, Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen, Jacob Chr. Nielsen, Gitte Poulsen, Henrik Hoffmann, Janne Moltke-Leth, Jon Stefansson, Susanne Schou and Søren Holm were re-elected to the Bank’s Board of Directors.

Subsequently the Board of Directors elected Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen as its chairman and Jacob Chr. Nielsen as its vice-chairman.

Consequently the Bank’s Board of Directors continues to consist of 8 members elected by the Shareholders’ Committee and 4 members elected by the Bank’s employees.