Overall objective

Sydbank will make investments in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our decisions will be made on a solid and updated basis where we analyse ESG issues in terms of financial and business risks. We will be active owners in a constructive dialogue with the companies we invest in. 

Achieved in 2020

  • 1,183 companies have been monitored on an ongoing basis with regard to violations of international norms. In connection with non-sustainable conduct we have visited or held meetings with companies 71 times. 
  • We have worked on strengthening our analysis of ESG risks and our ambitions are far-reaching. More ESG data substantiating our decisions is included today. In the future our analysis will to a greater extent include companies’ CO2 emissions.
  • We have integrated independent quantitative and qualitative ESG data in our decision-making and investment processes. The data provides us with new possibilities to tackle risks in companies that are due to eg weak processes by management to address ESG matters.
  • We have widened our range of products with an ethical and ESG responsible profile in all relevant asset classes within several customer groups. 

Goals for 2021

  • To offer customers investment products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and in 2021 to launch as a minimum one global equity product with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
  • To focus on the contribution of equity investments to reach the goals regarding carbon emissions of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference (the Paris Agreement). In this connection a new policy for responsible investment and active ownership will be formulated. Looking ahead it is our ambition that the companies we invest in can and will contribute to the necessary climate transition.
  • By means of increased reporting to state more clearly how sustainability is embedded in our investment process. At the same time we wish to communicate openly about our results and the many unavoidable dilemmas associated with responsible investment. 

Relevant policies and standards