Overall objective

Sydbank will make investments in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our decisions will be made on a solid and updated basis where we analyse ESG issues in terms of financial and business risks. We will be active owners in a constructive dialogue with the companies we invest in. 

Achieved in 2021

• 1,276 companies were monitored on an ongoing basis with regard to violations of international norms. In connection with non-sustainable conduct we visited or held meetings with companies 55 times.
• ESG risks are included in the day-to-day investment process in line with financial risks.
• Employees responsible for making the final investment decisions received access to even more ESG data in 2021. In addition we enhanced our systems so that the high volume of ESG data can be integrated in the day-to-day investment process.
• We have improved our systems so that they support our wish to be active owners. For instance we have integrated a new system to handle voting at companies’ general meetings.
• We have expanded our range of products to include a global equity product with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The product must satisfy 25 mandatory sustainability requirements. For example one requirement is that at least 50% of the companies in the investment portfolio have achieved a good score in a sustainability analysis.

Goals for 2022

• To increase the number of investment products with a sustainability profile to ensure that our product offerings include a wide range of customers’ sustainability preferences.
• To raise the bar as regards the minimum sustainability requirements of Sydbank’s investment products.
• To continue our work on incorporating sustainability factors in the investment process.
• By means of increased reporting to state more clearly how sustainability is embedded in our investment process. At the same time we wish to communicate openly about our results and the many unavoidable dilemmas associated with responsible investment.

Relevant policies and standards