Overall objective

Through decency and systematic procedures we will ensure that Sydbank is an efficient, well-run and solid bank with a responsible approach to financing and lending to the Bank’s customers. 

Achieved in 2020 

  • We have continued to ensure a strong financial foundation by maintaining our cautious approach to credit risk.
  • Green home package consisting of the energy cost calculator Energiberegneren, professional energy advice from BetterHome and Sydbank Energilån (energy loans).
  • The possibility of financing for corporate clients via EU funds has been maintained. 
  • ESG issues have been incorporated in Sydbank’s credit policy.

Goals for 2021

  • To continue to have a sensible and cautious approach as regards lending and a high credit quality.
  • To continue our work on integrating ESG risks in risk management and capital planning.
  • To initiate relevant and structured data collection for ESG credit risk management.
  • To make sure that the creditworthiness assessment of the Bank’s customers continues to ensure that they can afford to take out a requested loan and are not placed in an unacceptable financial situation due to money owed to Sydbank.

Relevant policies and standards 

  • Sydbanks credit policy