Overall objective

Through decency and systematic procedures we will ensure that Sydbank is an efficient, well-run and solid bank with a responsible approach to financing and lending to the Bank’s customers. 

Achieved in 2021

• We have continued to ensure a strong financial foundation by maintaining our cautious approach to credit risk.
• We offer a green home package consisting of the energy cost calculator Energiberegneren, professional energy check-ups from Totalkredit and Sydbank Energilån (energy loans).
• The possibility of financing for corporate clients via EU funds has been maintained.
• We have extended the Bank’s industry analysis to include ESG risks at industry level.
• We have trained our corporate account managers to address ESG risks in connection with credit evaluation.
• We have reported for the first time on the carbon footprint of Sydbank’s lending portfolio.

Goals for 2022

• To continue to have a sensible and cautious approach as regards lending and a high credit quality.
• To continue to ensure in assessments of the creditworthiness of the Bank’s customers that customers can afford to take out the loans required so they are not put in an unacceptable financial position due to money owed to Sydbank.
• To continue our work on integrating ESG risks in credit risk management and capital planning.
• To address ESG risks associated with individual corporate clients in connection with credit evaluation.
• To carry out relevant and structured data collection of ESG related credit risks.
• To work on enhancing the underlying data and CO₂ calculations of the Bank’s loans.
• To initiate work on enlarging our existing bond programme with green bonds.
• To increase the volume of sustainable loans.

Relevant policies and standards 

  • Sydbanks credit policy