Overall objective

We will provide a healthy and attractive work environment for our employees that allows for professional skills development and further training. 

Achieved in 2021

• We have introduced recruitment events to ensure equal opportunities with regard to gender among candidates applying for a traineeship.
• We have raised the level of training concerning responsible advice on buying and selling property from documentation level to competence level.
• We have developed and offered training modules regarding sustainability and social responsibility to the Bank’s employees.

Goals for 2022

• To maintain the high level of employee engagement.
• To continue to ensure equality, including equal opportunities irrespective of gender as regards management positions.
• To continue to ensure diversity among the Bank’s employees.
• To conduct an investigation concerning digital violations.
• To have a sickness absence rate lower than the sector average.
• To continue to focus on excellence and training for our employees.

Relevant policies and standards

  • Training policy
  • Health policy
  • Policy for healthy corporate culture
  • Sydbank’s Policy for the Underrepresented Gender
  • Staff manual