Overall objective

Sydbank will be respectful of the environment in all aspects of its business and make a positive difference in order to reach its own, national and global climate targets. We optimise energy efficiency on an ongoing basis to reduce the Bank’s energy consumption and high priority is given to ensuring transparent reporting of our consumption.

Achieved in 2021

• We have reduced CO₂ emissions by 8.9% compared to 2020.
• We have set up a solar cell system at the regional head office in Esbjerg.
• We have updated our company car policy so that only cars in energy class B or better as well as electric and hybrid cars will be purchased in future.
• 3 electric cars and 7 hybrid cars have been added to the fleet.
• We have set up additional charging points for electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars at the head office car park and the Bank’s regional head offices.
• We have replaced light sources covering an area of 5,640m² with sensor activated LED lighting.
• A new waste separation solution has been implemented.
• Natural gas has been replaced with biogas.

Goals for 2022

• To set a long-term quantitative target for the reduction of the Bank’s CO₂ emissions and to formulate a plan to reach the target.
• To continue to focus on energy reductions and reduce our actual consumption.
• To continue to purchase electricity generated by Danish wind turbines for the Bank’s locations in Denmark. We will examine the possibilities of buying green electricity for the Bank’s activities in Germany.
• To continue to report carbon emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol as regards scope 1 and scope 2.
• To continue to search for new and better waste separation solutions.

Relevant policies and standards 

  • Company car policy
  • Purchasing policy
  • Sydbank’s Code of Conduct
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol